Reptile Youth

Copenhagen based Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen is under the name Reptile Youth notorious for explosive stage performances – and at its core, this is what Reptile Youth is: Energy. Constant flowing and ever evolving. What began as a duo with Esben Valløe, has turned into a music collective, with different musicians along with Mads front and center, taking over stages and recording studios.


Curiousity and openmindedness has always characterized Reptile Youth’s expression, succeeding not unlike CBGB legends such as Talking Heads and Television, getting an extremely danceable energy merging together with an adventurous, sometimes noisy expression.


“… at its best, this deserves, even demands, to be heard. To be stolen or bought.” – The Guardian


“Reptile Youth could be the next Danish band to make it big. Remarkably, for all their perfect pop clatter…” – Clash Magazine