Lubomyr Melnyk is a pianist and composer, who created a totally new “language” for the piano, called Continuous Music … a musical form that grew out of his concert training but was then greatly influenced by Eastern philosophy and the musicianship of Inda, to develop a remarkable new technique that goes far beyond the normal capacities of the concert pianist!
He created this new musical format while playing for Carolyn Carlsson;s Dance Classes at the Paris Opera in the min.70’s.  SInce then, he has been continueing to develop this technique, while doing concert tours and radio appearances, as well as composing a large library of his written music.
Lubomyr Melnyk is acclaimed as the fastest pianist on earth, able to do “super-sonic” speeds of over 19 notes per second in each hand!
While he never uses this ability in concert (because it is actually non-musical) this technical ability allows him to present remarkable sound-scapes of tonality and melody that are not possible to do using the normal concert techniques.
Lubomyr’s Continuous Music is especially suited for 2 pianos, and this creates a truly exciting sound menage for the listener…  a thick and complex vortex of tones flying through space at lightening speeds ….
His music ranges from the abstract and chaotic, to the most serene and melodic . .. all running before the listener like a never-ending stream of tones that take ” the listener on an immaculate journey through indescribable dimensions” (The Ottawa Journal)


As Lubomyr is the only pianist in history who can play this difficult, yet beautiful music, it is highly recommended to hear him in live performance … He always reminds people that listening to him on recorded discs, is a pale substitute for the wonder and grandeur of the real piano sound — especially with his Continuous Music where the sonority and over-tones of the piano are so important!