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Valentin Geiseder

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„filous’s latest secures him a spot in the recent wave of producers making accessible music with a thoughtfully-produced backbone.“ – TIME

„Clearly a precocius talent—one to watch and all that.“ – NOISEY

„A pillowy electro-lullaby with a twist.“ – IDOLATOR

„Fantastically fluid electronics.“ – CLASH

Evolving from a naturally gifted instrumentalist to precocious beatmaker to full-fledged auteur, filous – the alter-ego of 21-year old Viennese student Percy — has always been something of an enigma, driven by an incessant curiosity and a need for discovery. First showcasing his unusually inquisitive mind at the tender age of 10 years old, he soon became proficient in dozens of instruments and started to immerse himself in far-flung influences ranging from progressive jazz to country, from bluegrass to black metal. The concept of
“filous” emerged once Percy began experimenting with electronic production, teaching himself via Youtube tutorials with all of his earliest remixes built from artists he discovered on the streaming platform.

As resourceful as he is talented, the young upstart has since caught the ears of tastemakers and electronic music fans alike, which has grown his unique global footprint to over a 700 million combined YouTube, SoundCloud , and Spotify streams, thanks to 12+ Hypemachine #1s and his debut EP Dawn topping the iTunes electronic chart in more than 9 countries, including Switzerland, Austria, India and Russia. With Dawn and For Love, filous cemented himself as an artist to watch — toeing the line between timeless, cerebral songwriting and modernist, visceral electronic production.

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